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Mortgage Broker California specializing in Home Mortgage Residential Loans in 18 States- Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia & Washington and Commercial Loans in all 50 States

Get Your Home Mortgage Loan Now

Before Dodd Frank And CFPB New

Rules Hit!!!

Time is running out to submit and fund private money owner occupied and non-owner occupied loans before new Dodd Frank and CFPB rules hit in Jan!

After Dec 15th stated income on Non Owner Occupied will be gone and funding Owner Occupied will be more challenging for everyone, us and you the borrower. Get your home mortgage loan now while we can still underwrite to current law.

Brand New Subprime Loan Program now available!

BK/Short sale/Foreclosure OK (We can do 1 day out of Short Sale, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure)

Fico down to 550 (call me if you need a foreclosure bailout)

Mortgage lates OK
No reserves OK
Lack of employment history not a concern

Bank Statements for Self Employed that require NO TAXES and NO 4506

LTV up to 80%

No Prepayment Penalty

Valid for Residential SFRs, Townhomes, Condos and 2-4 units
No upfront fees
Freddie/Fannie unapproved Condos OK
We can close in 10 days



HARP eligibility just expanded by roughly $20 Billion! Broader HARP Guidelines to help more underwater homeowners.

Unlimited LTV / CLTV on primary residence and second home
Investment LTV= 125%
Minimum 620 FICO regardless of LTV or occupancy
No condo questionnaire required- just confirmation not a condotel
Up to 10 Properties (all occupancy types)
Max DTI 60%
Mortgage History 0x30x6
Most MI policies may be transferred or convert LPMI monthly to BPMI monthly
No Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Seasoning!

New Super Jumbo Loan Program that allows cash out up to $500,000!!! 

100% Financing No Money Down Payment Available For Home Purchase In Some Areas!

We are the only one doing Stated Income Verified Assets loans. No W2′s, no paystubs, no tax returns.

No Points! Zero Points! Unlike all lenders/banks, we dont charge any origination points.
Super Jumbo Loan up to 10 Million, Home Path, Manufactured Home Loan, VA Loan, USDA Loan.
FHA Streamline Refinancing- No appraisal required, 100% CLTV, Income Docs NOT required.
Foreign National Loan up to 65% LTV. Buy a house, get a home loan for $500K+ and get a US Resident Visa (currently pending US legislation).
Hard Money Loan – lending on very odd and difficult loan scenarios, True Stated Income, No assets or reserves required, bankruptcy and no credit.
We also offer SBA 7 and 204 financing programs as well as HUD Financing for Apartment lending. Small balance stated commercial loan program from $100,000 to $400,000 for mixed use, small commercial, fast food, gas stations, and assorted commercial properties. Bridge Loan program form $2 million to $25 million dollars per loan, with Bridge Finance up to 5 years, with a convertible permanent financing loan. We have commercial financing programs for every need. We also finance churches, strip centers, shopping centers, office buildings, and farm loans. We use a combination of debt service on the property, together with additional income and assets of the borrower. With the Dodd/Frank bill, small banks are limited in their ability to provide commercial lending.